World Milk Day: Five ways oats and milk can help keep dandruff at bay

It’s no secret that wholesome hair invariably is dependent upon a wholesome and nourished scalp. Whereas this concept may appear pretty easy on paper, components like dandruff pose an imminent menace to good-hair days. “Research present that one in each 5 individuals endure from dandruff. This explains why some days your scalp may really feel nice, whereas different days it’s stricken by cussed specks of dandruff,” mentioned Raghav Gupta, founder, Oateo Oats.

He added that dandruff is brought about as the results of dry pores and skin, which is the commonest symptom of dermatitis. “For most individuals, it ranges from mild/delicate flaking within the scalp however in extreme circumstances, it can trigger extreme redness and flakiness not solely within the scalp but additionally the eyebrows, nostril, or the chest, making it very painful to take care of,” he informed

There are many options that promise to eliminate this downside. Nevertheless, you may need what you want proper in your kitchen and most likely simply by no means thought to apply it to your scalp — oats and milk!

So try how milk and oats can help alleviate dandruff, as prompt by Gupta.

“Oats and milk each can act as anti-inflammatory brokers decreasing signs of dermatitis/dandruff in your scalp. Additionally they help in moisturising your scalp stopping dryness,” he added.


Milk comprises lactic acid, nutritional vitamins A, D, E and Okay, and protein which makes it a light exfoliating and hydrating agent. Chilly milk can act as a toner, particularly for dry pores and skin, retaining dandruff at bay.


Each oats and milk comprise wholesome fat which give them that creamy texture. These fat or lips come within the type of omega-6 fatty acids in oats, saturated and unsaturated fat in milk, and penetrate the hair and enable moisture retention. So as to add to that, milk additionally comprises polysaccharides which make the hair delicate and helps retain the vitamins throughout the strands whereas serving to you nourish your roots and scalp.


Oats are additionally a wealthy supply of Beta Glucan, a fibre that’s distinctive. As a result of their fibrous nature oats additionally make nice scrubs, particularly when you have got an oily scalp and wish to absorb the surplus sebum (oil). It additionally helps in eliminating lifeless cells on the scalp leaving it squeaky clear.

Retains dandruff from returning

Oats comprise a chemical referred to as saponins that naturally take away undesirable flakes and lifeless pores and skin/ dandruff and help forestall them from coming again. The simplest approach to profit from saponins is to make use of a mix of oat flour and water and therapeutic massage your scalp with the combination for a couple of minutes.

Enhance scalp well being

Dairy/milk-based curd can be straight utilized to the scalp to deal with dandruff. Curd helps to not solely soften but additionally strengthen cuticles, bettering scalp well being general.

Milk and Oats Hair Masks


Oatmeal – 2 tbs
Milk – 3-4 tbs
Almond oil – 1 tbs


Mix all of the substances in a bowl to make a thick paste.
Comb and moisten your hair.
Gently, but totally apply the combination all through your scalp and depart the masks on for 25-Half-hour.
Rinse off with heat water and pat your hair dry.
Repeat as soon as in two weeks for finest outcomes.

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