Why Supreme Court must dismiss misguided petition against 26 Quranic verses

In a latest PIL within the Supreme Court, Waseem Rizvi, former chairman of the Shia Waqf Board in UP, has demanded the removing of 26 verses from the holy Quran claiming that terrorists used these verses to “promote jihad”.

Earlier as effectively, he had written to the Prime Minister, asking him to shut down all madrasas since these breed “terrorists”. Whereas Rizvi is attempting to stir a hornet’s nest, the pattern of involving the Supreme Court in non secular issues isn’t a tenable one.

True, the apex court docket determined the triple talaq legislation which was of paramount significance, protecting in view how Muslim girls had been being divorced in a single sitting. However within the case of the Quran’s verses, the court docket isn’t the correct discussion board or physique to resolve which verses will be allowed or eliminated.

This could be a critical interference within the non secular beliefs of the neighborhood, affecting their proper to freedom of faith. If any court docket entertains such a petition, tomorrow it could be confronted with comparable petitions for the removing of verses from the non secular books and scriptures of different non secular communities.

What’s constructive is that not solely Muslims however virtually all Hindu brothers imagine that the petition is a bogus one. It has additionally been condemned by eminent individuals and realized students from each the Shia and Sunni communities. Such a weird, frivolous and distressing petition deserves to be dismissed forthwith.

There may be not a single verse within the holy Quran which promotes violence or terrorism, if learn in its correct context. The Quran condemns unjustified violence and terrorism, whereas allowing self-defence. Solely a distorted studying of verses taken out of context can result in views similar to Rizvi’s.

With out having gone by means of the actual purport and the exegesis of the 26 verses, this Islam-baiter has forged unfounded allegations against the three Caliphs (Abu Bakr, Umar and Usman). He fully failed to know that the 26 verses have been categorised as “warfare verses” and had been in pressure on the time of the holy wars. No Muslim bases his or her motion on these. The very which means of the phrase Islam is “submission”. Overlook taking any individual’s life, the Prophet (PBUH) believed that the most important sin was lacerating individuals’s hearts and hurting them.

Rizvi’s argument is that some terrorists and wayward Muslims quote these verses to justify the slaughter of innocents. However, even when these verses didn’t exist, terrorists wouldn’t stop their violence. Had they learn and understood the Quran, they’d have been the messengers of peace, not demise! When the ISIS terrorists, whereas recording acts of violence, show the Kalimah on the black flag, they intentionally defile Islam. Sadly, for the layman, that turns into symbolic of Islamic tenets, which is a false impression.

The scriptures of a faith are the ultimate wordings of their creator and must be revered by all means — not even a phrase, comma or full cease will be modified.

Prior to now, anti-Islam propaganda by Taslima Nasreen, Salman Rushdie or Danish cartoons have created lots of turmoil. The killing of the center faculty French trainer, Samuel Paty, in Paris was one such condemnable fallout. The perpetrator of the crime by no means knew that his act would have been severely condemned by the Prophet himself.

These brainwashed killers must be taught Islam has no room for such killings. On the identical time, why do individuals provoke a neighborhood’s beliefs underneath the garb of freedom of expression? True, Christians received’t get offended by the cartoons of Jesus Christ but it surely’s not the identical with Muslims or Hindus. The late MF Husain needed to face lots of flak and go right into a self-imposed exile in Dubai and UK for the criticism of his portray of Saraswati.

The Outdated Testomony is stuffed with tales of divinely-ordained slaughter and warfare, but about two billion Christians in the present day observe the phrase of the Lord, coupled with the New Testomony, which features a command from Jesus to “love thy neighbour as you’re keen on thyself.” Muslims additionally face an identical dichotomy of concepts within the Quran.

In a single half, the scripture says, “La ikraha fiddeen,” which means that there’s “no enforcement/ coercion in issues of religion.” The Quran additionally states about different religions, “Lakum dinokum waley yadeen,” which means, “to you, your faith, to me, mine.”

Nonetheless, the perimeter minority that has been indulging in killing the harmless, have turned a god-fearing and law-abiding Muslim particular person anyplace on the earth into an object of suspicion.

It’s good that the Nationwide Fee for Minorities has condemned Rizvi by sending him a pointy discover for his absurd petition stating that his assertion is “provocative and disturbs the steadiness of communal concord of a secular nation and has harm the feelings of a non secular minority neighborhood”.

The Supreme Court must not entertain this petition that hurts the non secular sentiments of billions of Muslims throughout the globe and must ask Rizvi to apologise, the chief imam of India, Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi, has urged.

As a law-abiding citizen of this nice nation, I might attraction and urge all my co-religionists to take care of self-discipline, stay calm and to register their protest peacefully against this misguided petition.

The author is chancellor, Maulana Azad Nationwide Urdu College, Hyderabad

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