Monsoon tips: Here’s how to keep your skin healthy and glowing in the rainy season

Monsoon brings respite from the scorching summer time warmth. However it wants no retelling that it additionally wreaks havoc with one’s skin — from making it escape, to delicate or simply dry. This is the reason it’s important to tweak one’s skincare regime in accordance to the seasons. So in case you are all set to prep your skin for monsoons, we now have some conscious suggestions from Vineeta Singh, co-founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics, for you;

Ditch oil-based merchandise

Go for one thing lighter, which is water-based, as the humidity in the air will make oil-based merchandise clog your pores, main to blackheads and breakouts. “Our skin can simply take up water-based merchandise due to the humidity in the air. Therefore utilizing light-weight water-based make-up and skincare will really feel extra snug on your skin and additionally make the merchandise last more,” she mentioned including that the key’s to let the skin breathe throughout this season.

Don’t overlook the SPF!

Simply because it’s cloudy, don’t suppose you possibly can skip making use of sunscreen. Even when the solar isn’t shining vivid, your skin can nonetheless simply get affected by the dangerous ultra-violet rays. Be sure you placed on some sunscreen or use merchandise which have SPF to keep your skin unhurt. Right here is why you want to apply sunscreen even when you’re at dwelling.

Exfoliation is important

That is essential, particularly throughout monsoons. “It helps to take away lifeless skin, filth and unclog the pores. Espresso is a wonderful exfoliator, nevertheless, you possibly can additionally use inexperienced tea, sugar or yoghurt,” she added. Exfoliating 2-3 occasions in two weeks is nice. Right here is how you possibly can choose the proper chemical exfoliant for your self.


The climate could really feel humid and sticky, however it doesn’t imply you don’t want to moisturise. The humidity may cause your skin to simply dehydrate making it seem boring and unhealthy. “Use a light-weight water-based moisturizer to keep your skin feeling healthy and recent. If you need to keep it pure, cucumber and olive oil could be glorious substitutes,” Singh added.

At all times keep in mind to take off your make-up

Use a water-based cleanser earlier than you sleep. This routine will assist keep away from clogged pores which might trigger infections. “Keep away from utilizing wipes throughout monsoons as the skin’s sebum manufacturing may also lead to breakouts,” she cautioned.

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