Healthy eating: Vacuum frying technique to keep nutrients intact

This can be very arduous to imagine that fried meals will be wholesome. Nonetheless, in accordance to Vipul Gambhir, enterprise head, Yummiano, “fried meals will be wholesome too.”

“Fried meals is beloved by everyone, the style and crunch are unmatched! It gained’t be fallacious to say that fried meals is addictive. However, nevertheless tempting as it might be, meals objects fried utilizing conventional strategies of frying are certainly very unhealthy for one’s physique. Conventional frying requires the meals objects to be utterly immersed in boiling sizzling oil which subsequently will increase the trans fats and ldl cholesterol content material and makes it extraordinarily unhealthy,” he defined.

Health, Nutrition There are many wholesome snacking choices accessible within the markets that are cooked utilizing the vacuum frying technique and are extraordinarily wholesome and style the identical (Supply: Getty Photographs)

Vacuum frying technique

Nonetheless, fashionable strategies like vacuum frying have made frying wholesome. “Vacuum frying is the method of placing the meals merchandise right into a vacuum chamber and cooking it at a low temperature. Cooking the meals merchandise at low warmth in a vacuum container is what makes a distinction. The meals contained in the vacuum chamber is cooked utilizing air stress and oil, utilising 70 per cent lesser oil. The temperature of the chamber is stored low which reduces the boiling level and additional helps in retaining all of the nutrients and retains them intact regardless of frying. The technique additionally ends in reducing the discharge of carcinogens – the radiations that promote the formation of most cancers,” he informed

Vacuum frying vs conventional frying

Vacuum fried snacks are as tasty as conventional fried snacks however rather a lot more healthy and nutrient-dense. That is an alternate and progressive methodology that helps in lowering the oil consumption which regularly will get absorbed within the meals objects whereas frying utilizing the normal strategies and will be seen floating on the floor of the meals merchandise.

Much less oil consumption – For the reason that conventional methodology of frying absorbs quite a lot of oil, the fats content material is way greater which ends up in way of life illnesses like weight problems, cardiac ailments, excessive ldl cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, and so forth. Quite the opposite, vacuum fried objects devour 70% much less oil and therefore, the fats content material is comparatively decrease which reduces the danger of such life-threatening ailments and retains ldl cholesterol and coronary heart well being in test.

Nutrition, Health Trendy strategies like vacuum frying have made frying wholesome (Supply: Getty Photographs)

Retains the nutrients intact – Whereas utilizing conventional strategies of frying, the temperature of the oil may be very excessive, in consequence many important nutrients are evaporated within the steam. When a meals merchandise is fried utilizing the vacuum frying technique, solely the water content material is eliminated maintaining all different nutrients intact.

Lowered oil temperature – Even the temperature of oil performs an enormous function. In conventional strategies, meals is fried at 100 levels Celsius which converts the meals into junk. Whereas vacuum frying the fruits, greens, and different objects they’re fried at a comparatively decrease temperature with much less oil.

“There are many wholesome snacking choices accessible within the markets that are cooked utilizing the vacuum frying technique and are extraordinarily wholesome and style the identical. So subsequent time you need to binge eat a bag stuffed with potato chips, do it guilt-free by selecting those cooked utilizing the vacuum frying technique. If cooked utilizing the precise expertise and technique, fried meals may very well be wholesome too,” he stated.

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