Experiencing mood swings, anxiety post Covid? Expert suggests simple ways to feel better

Even after one exams COVID detrimental, there is likely to be lingering signs within the coming months or what’s dubbed lengthy COVID. Post-COVID fatigue and weak spot have been generally seen in lots of sufferers. Some additionally endure from anxiety and melancholy.

Within the wake of this, how do lengthy haulers battle post-Covid blues?

Nutritionist and health professional Munmun Ganeriwal just lately took to social media to share some suggestions to beat post-COVID blues. “Those that are experiencing mood adjustments, mind fog, poor sleep, anxiety or melancholy post-Covid, do NOT panic. Know that it’s regular. Most necessary, do remind your self that restoration takes time,” she wrote on social media.

Right here’s what she advised:

*Eat effectively: Comply with a wholesome and balanced food regimen.
*Train often
*Transfer usually: Stroll round. If unable, practise a couple of stretches in your mattress or chair
*Prioritise relaxation and sleep: Practise ‘yoga nidra’ at bedtime
*Meditate on a regular basis
*Steer clear of disturbing information: Restrict your time on social media
*Keep away from smoking and alcohol: It will minimise irritation within the mind

“Search one-on-one skilled assist for those who proceed to feel overwhelmed,” the nutritionist and health professional additional suggested.

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